Very Important !

There has been some questions and controversy about me maybe being induce. What do you think of being induced ? Is it bad for the baby to be induced ?

    We live pretty close, so I'm going to assume you know where the Scottsdale Osborne Medical center is, if not you can look it up, it's fairly close. :) I delivered Lucas there and he was indeed, induced. I went in on Sept. 8th at 3pm (his due date) and he was born on the 9th at 2:03 pm. He took it very well!! They gave me the epidural very early (about 11pm that night) and I didn't feel anything until I started pushing the next day. Lucas didn't have any problems at all, he liked it best it seemed when I had the oxygen mask on though. His vitals were perfect the entire time and he was out in 2 hrs. So, personally, have no problem with it and my baby handled it perfectly. :)
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