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So when i had my miscarriage i was hurting emtionally from it for awhile i thought i was healing from it but those feelings started to come back because my husband and i saw the cutest baby in walmart and he said he wanted a baby so bad. It makes me so sad because we have been trying and we still havent gotten pregnant everytime my period is late then it comes maybe two days later. I always think im the reason why we cant get pregnant and i know i should not but the blame on myself its just so hard because i would be pregnant right now and we would have already found out what we were having.

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    I know its hard to lose a child. I had a miscarriage myself. with my last child, he was supposed to have a twin, sadly we lost him. its a very hard hing to go through. sometimes when there is a miscarriage it takes up to a year before a womans body can get back to normal, but it all depends, every womans body is different. you should really tak to your doctor and see what they say. you never know it might be soon. but you should never stress about it because that also takes a toll on the body and can prolong it also. I wish you and your husband al the luck in the world.
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