How growth spurts effect sleep and eating in babies

growth spurts usually effect a babies eating and sleeping habits, you may notice your child seeming hungry more often, or eating more than usual. Sometimes babies sleep more often and longer when going through a growth spurt, but also the opposite can be true sometimes you may notice sleep regression.

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    My kids would go through restless sleeps.. Just awake ever hour.. alert almost. Even my son around 8 had a night where he couldn't be still.. We tried to sleep in my bed, the couch, his bed, the opposite way.. he couldn't get comfortable.. He said it felt like he HAD to move his body.. was so weird.. I imagine it to be like restless leg syndrome..
    it happened just that one time.. and it HAD to have been a growth spurt.
      Solid. My daughter is very restless through growth spurts--eats and sleeps less. It's how I can tell they are coming.
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