No nonsense doctors

I can be pretty irrational at times and worry when I shouldn't. That's why I'm pretty happy that our doctors are no nonsense - case in point -

When my OB sat down to have the 'pain medication options' talk, I told her I wanted to just see how things go, I was hoping for a natural birth. Her response was, shall we say, blunt.... "My job is to deliver a healthy, angry, screaming pink baby. It is not my job to coddle you in your room for hours because you're hoping to win a medal.".. Sounds harsh, right? Before you judge, I should say that that's what our dialogue was usually like. I was very open with her, told her how annoyed I was that she was always rescheduling our appointments, and she returned the favor by not sugar coating things with me. In the end, I ended up with a c-section and spinal block and understood what she really meant. From entering the operating room to the birth of my son was 42 minutes, after an hour of recovery I was in my room holding my son and enjoying my new little family.

Fast forward 4 months, we took Charlie in for his shots. I asked his pediatrician about teething. Charlie's been drooling, chewing and fussy for quite some time now. His response? "Who cares? His teeth will come in when they come in. I can tell you yes, those are signs of teething but does it matter?"... true. He's right.

I have friends whose doctors pat them on the knee, tell them how they feel so bad that they're going through whatever they're going through. My OB had a static response. "You're pregnant, it will get worse." Dare I say, it seems as though my friends almost feel worse after these appointments. It's like... when your kid falls down. If you're really upset they cry and freak out.. but if you tell him what a trooper he was that he fell down and is okay!.. he seems fine?

Do you think doctors have an obligation to be more compassionate than mine have been?

Moms Expertise
    Knowing multiple OB doctors and getting to see how they work with multiple patients is very different. I think many doctor adjust their attitude and what they say to match your needs and personality.

    Knowing your doctor personally I have seen her do the hand holding, pat on the knee, coddling type behavior and I have seen what you are describing. I think some doctors have a good sense to know what patients need what kind of treatment.

    Does that make sense? I think if your doctor were to say to you "oh no, I am so sorry you are in pain, blah, blah,blah" it would have made the pain worse for you and you might have been worried that it was abnormal.
      I love doctors that tell it like it is. As long as my kid gets good care I kind of like a doctor that will tell me to get over myself and let the kid live. Lol
        Megan Gibbs
        I think it depends on the person. I would have been a little upset. but you do have a point. My OB and my children's doctor always explain things to me, and aren't blunt. I personally wouldn't go to those doctors. I'm also a very sensitive person. lol
          I think you all make a good point and it comes down to balance. AmyI fully agree. I was the worst pregnant woman in the history of pregnant women, I needed someone to just tell me to suck it up and deal, and that's what she did.

          Katie is right too. For me personally, it would have been the worst thing for my doctor to say oh poor thing! I loved my OB, she drove me nuts but she knew what would work and what wouldn't.
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