This is normal, right?

My son has been acting up a lot lately. He's three and whenever he doesn't get what he wants, he throws a fit. Today it was his Cheerios, for whatever reason, he was upset. I let him put his sugar in and he just threw a fit and didn't eat it. He threw his spoon at me (luckily it was a plastic baby spoon) so I took his hand and calmly put in his room explaining he's not allowed to throw things, specially at someone. He stayed in his room, even after I let him come out, and kicked the door and screamed.0. He finally came back out and I made him some more and he ate some of it.

The deal is if he and his sister eat it all, they get a treat. He ate about half and then when he said he was done and I cleaned up, he threw a fit over not getting a treat. I kept telling him he as to eat all his breakfast.

After he calmed down I let him and his sister draw with colored pencils. H e likes to carry the pencils to the coffee table himself, but after a few minuets, his sister wanted a new color. He had a hand full and wouldn't share. I told him to giver her just one, and there was another tantrum.

This is all totally normal for a three year old, right? I don't want to find out later he's just being a butt. I'm also slightly worried he might have a behavior problem that will cause problems when he goes to school.

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    My son is only 15 months but he is already like this and has been since about 8 months old. If he doesn't get his own way he throws himself on the floor, kicks, screams, hits, headbuts, it's awful! But totally normal.
      Yes.. You're doing right by staying consistent and making sure that he doesn't get a break just because it's normal and he's 3.. This is a pivotal time.. If you stay on your game and rules and expectations, he will learn and be fine.. If you let it go.. it will last longer.. It's harder to have a child that doesn't listen then to deal with this for a couple of months.. Good job..
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