Girls Time

since having my daughter I haven't gotten much time to get out and spend with my girlfriends. I was really starting to feel the loneliness and the need for some adult interaction, so this summer I am turning that around. In June I am taking a girls trip to Nashville with some of my closest friends and in August a friend and I are going to a concert.

What have you been doing to get out and spend some adult time with friends? Or the hubs/so?

    It's hard to do it and then when you do.. you're reminded how great it it.. Just yesterday we were invited to an Easter dinner at a friends house.. they always have dinner parties.. their that couple that has the big house on the hill and lots of friends over all the time.. normally after a long day with kids at park and church and an easter party I would have said no, but we went at 5.. and had a great time.. Kids were all there .. and the grown ups were relaxing on the porch with beer and wine and laughing and it was easy and light and I thought, I can do this now.. I can have both..
      Fun!!! My husband can always sense when I seriously need a break. Last week he sent me out to dinner with my friend while he stayed home and put the kids to bed
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