How Much Do You Feel Fate Has Played a Role?

How many times have you either wanted something or someone and it hadn't worked out and THEN something else does later and you just know in your heart that THAT'S why the first didn't work..

So many times I've wondered about a guy or a job or a role or a friend or a move, etc.. so many.. and I've always felt and known that it's for a reason and usually a year later or longer, I've been able to look back and think YUP.. that's why... and it all makes sense.. and I'm grateful for HAD it worked out when I though I wanted it.. I wouldn't be or have what I am or have today.. does that make sense?

What in your life has fate showed itself??

    Everything happens for a reason! If that reason be fate, God, the right choices, the wrong choices...whatever it is, I'm just glad it does!
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