Pregnant Forever!!!

I am such a drama mama! I feel like the baby will never come :( Like she wants to stay in there FOREVER! I'm almost 38 weeks so it may be premature to be going crazy but my body is going through so much that I just want to sleep all day. I'm trying to be patient but I'm done being pregnant. Hopefully she will make her debut soon. I'm just afraid of her being over due! Sorry for the rant. Just needed to let it out lol :)

    I felt the same way with my youngest. My oldest didn't let me have that worry. She tried to come at 6 months, and ended up being born at 36 weeks, no matter what the hospital did to make her stay in lol.

    With my youngest though. It felt like she was going to be in there forever. She ended up coming a week early though. It was hard too, because I had a 1yo to take care of and all I wanted to do was sleep al the time.

    Just hang in there. your baby will be here soon. If you get to the 39b week mark, you can schedule to be induced a couple of days after the 40 week mark. That's what I was going to do if my youngest didn't come on her own.
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