So Happy

So happy, my son Antonio wrote a poem in class and his teacher entered it the Wisconsin Humane Society poem contest for Be Kind To Animals Week. He is being recognized for his outsanding work on his pom, and will read his poem to a whole bunch of people and will be given and award. he is so excited. Iam so Pproud of Him.

This is his poem....

Antonio and Me

I take care of my kitten.
His name is Antonio.
I always feed him in the kitchen, then he says hello.
After I pet his fur, then he starts to purr.

By: Antonio Heredia

4Milagro RiveraMilwaukee, Wisconsin
    4Milagro Rivera
    oh yea, his teacher says hes better at writing poems drawing lol
      So cute!!! Just so I'm clear... your son and his kitten are both named Antonio? If so - Love it!! my son really wants a pet (or a brother) with his same name.
      4Milagro Rivera
      n lol we don't have pets, he n I have asthma and are allergic to cats. he just wants one.. and he had to cme up with this poem off the top of his head lol
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