How painful is natural childbirth.

I know a lot of pregnant women want to know the answer to this - I definitely did. The problem is I don't think anyone can give you a clear answer. I've broken a bone and been in a car accident, but nothing compare to the unique KIND of pain I felt while delivering Avery. The thing is, within 2-3weeks post partum the whole ordeal had become fuzzy in my mind. I couldn't really describe the pain to you. I remember thinking in the moment that it was aweful, unbearable, I never want to do this again painful - but now it seems so far removed that I can't really put my finger on it. I know I will do it again if I can, LOL.

I don't want to scare anyone. The truth is we're meant to do this. We're built to handle the pain. The trick is to not let fear work it's way into your head. Panicking will make it all worse.

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      I haven't experienced natural childbirth, but did experience contractions. Even that the pain was unlike anything I've ever felt. Not necessarily the worst pain of my life (but maybe it was), I'm just completely incapable of describing it. It was quite literally unlike any other pain I've experienced. But, I was willing to do it again... times 2 (but then ended up not ever having to deal with that particular pain again since the second two ended up being scheduled c-sections before I went into labor)!
        For me, since I wussed out and had an epidural the birth was pretty awesome and I thought it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It started out bad though since they had to induce me and they gave me too much of the drugs and I started having back labor 1 minute apart. That was pretty agonizing but once I had the epidural it was not so bad. Pushing is tough, but not painful.
        The thing is since labor is different for every single mother you can't really tell someone how it's going to be for them. They will just have to see for themselves!
          Like Beth Valencia, I had about three hours of contractions into my induced labor. It was back labor, too, and it paired with my sciatica, and when the contractions stopped, I was still in sciatica pain, so I never really got a break. So I opted for an epidural, which was fine, because I ended up delivering by c-section anyway. High blood pressure really wrecks your plans!

          I think maybe I could have stood it without the sciatica, but does it hurt? Sorry, yes it does.
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