Our first broken bone.

Hubby and I have been saying for some time Audrey would be the first of our children to land us in the hospital... we were not wrong. Thursday night Audrey was playing horsey with my Dad (riding around on his back as he crawled around) and she decided to channel her inner elephant rider - you know the ones from the circus that do all those fancy arm movements? She fell off his back and ended up breaking her arm - she has fallen much much worse many many times but she landed perfectly wrong this time and broke her arm at the elbow. She had surgery Friday morning to get 3 pins put in and to set her arm and is now in a splint. We are so so so proud of her because she has been a total trooper.

And now we just spend the next 3 weeks spoiling her rotten while she recovers!!!

Have you ever had a child break a bone? Which one?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    Oh poor thing! We have not gone through that yet. I hope she feels better quickly.
    She actually is already almost back to herself. She is taking some time to adjust to the weight of her splint/cast, but she is cheerful and playing normally :)
    It's amazing how fast they bounce back. I would be milking that for days. Lol
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