Cloth potty training pants

We tried out a lot of different cloth training pants with Audrey as she didn't have the language skills to tell us she had to go to the bathroom when she trained. We found the ones that were most successful for us where the ones that had the tightest elastic on her legs. Our favorite were Smart Bottoms trainers.

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    That's what we did with Mason... and tried to do with Audrey, but she didn't have the vocabulary to be able to tell us when she had to go. She was only in trainers for about 2 weeks while we learned her non-verbal clues that she needed a potty break.
      How did you learn to spot those non-verbal cues? I'm struggling to recognize any clues in my daughter aside from grunting and stink, lol. We're not training yet, but I know it's on the horizon.
        8Theresa Gould
        I plain found it hard to find cloth potty training pants at the stores near me. I liked them because if there was an accident at least they were more absorbent than regular underwear....helpful when you have lots of carpeting.
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