Taking kids into the opposite gender restroom

What should a parent do when they are alone with their opposite gender child and that child needs to go to the restroom? Do you take them in the restroom with you? Do you send them into the other restroom by them self?

I have an 8yr old son. Most of the time I will have him go into the womens restroom with me. I always make sure he is behaved and respectful and not playing around in the restroom. Occasionally I will send him into the mens restroom alone if it is empty and we are in a place with very little people.

I don't want to send him in alone because I worry that something bad could happen to him. I don't see anything wrong with him going in the womens restroom with me.

What do you do as a parent? What do you think about what other parents do? If you kids are not old enough yet what do you plan to do?

    At this point all of my kids are young enough that I just take Mason into the women's room with me. I would think once he's ready to go by himself (he's scared right now) I would let him go into the men's room, but I would probably stand just outside the door... possibly even with my foot in the door to hold it open just a bit to make hearing even easier.
      Melissa Middleton
      My husband would ask another woman, preferably an elderly lady, to see if the women's restroom was empty so he could take his daughter to the bathroom. It was and is not appropriate for an older child to go into a men's restroom since most of them have urinals. He would be so embarrassed but the ladies would be nice about it and would politely wait outside until he was done (this was before we got married and before we were a couple). I would take my son until he is old enough to go by himself, like Beth Valenciasaid, place my foot in the door to be able to hear because you never know these days where monsters lurk, unfortunately.
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