Does the popularity of a name matter to you?

When you are trying to decide what to name your baby does the popularity of the name matter to you?

With my first baby I named him Aidan, back in 2005, I had no idea Aidan was popular. I was shocked and disappointed when I found out it was iso popular. When my next three kids were born I made sure the name I chose for them was not popular.

I used the Social Security Administration site to check my kids names:

    I never looked at the popularity of names. Sometimes I wish I had, but oh well!!
      It does and it doesn't. I don't think Madeleine is especially popular, not with the French spelling, but the nickname Maddie is very popular (three kids to a classroom popular), so we'll just have to see how it goes.
        4Ariel LaCoste
        lol. Our oldest is named Ayden too! We also thought it was a unique name.....we were wrong! Thank you John and Kate plus 8. We try to go for unique names but not go overboard. We have Ayden, Autumn, Skyler(boy), Sage
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