Waiting In Line - How do you handle it with a baby?

Well, I had to spend 2 hours at the DMV today waiting to get my license renewed due to them being closed on Friday and being short staffed. I am SO glad my son is so well behaved. He just lay there quietly playing with a toy for the most part. I couldn't help thinking how hard something like that must be for those with fussy babies since people were giving me dirty looks just for bringing my baby in there. Still, most people were nice about it even the DMV lady when he started crying right at the end since he was hungry and I couldn't give him a bottle right away.
Has anyone been in a situation where you had to wait a long time with a baby? Have people been rude to you? I kind of feel like people should be sympathetic and understanding of babies in these situations but most people aren't.

    I take Nina everywhere with me, and she's usually very well behaved. Even yesterday at Applebee's, she was happy the whole time. She occasionally got a little loud in her happiness, but the people around us didn't mind. One guy even said "Better a happy loud baby than an Angry loud baby." If people acted rudely simply for my having a baby around them, I'd have ignored them. Too damn bad for them, I have a baby, I don't trust babysitters. She's never once thrown a fit in public, yet, so I don't care what other people think of it.
      That sounds so rough, and I'm glad everyone was kind! Generally, I try to avoid those situations like the plague, because I know Maddie's fix-all is nursing, and it's tricky to whip out the boobs in line, lol.
        8Theresa Gould
        It's been almost four years since I had a baby but I'm sure we stood in line a few times with one of our babies...none are coming to mind right now though. My recall is not so good anymore.
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