Okay moms, everyone knows in the world what lice is and if you have had to deal with it you know what it takes to get rid of it.
Now here is my issue, I have friends who are like family to me, they have three daughters who have had lice now for almost two years.
Why so long? Because their mom who dealt with it before died in 2012 and their dad just doesnt deal with things anymore. I love these kids, but I cant help them on my own and he just says that he puts something in their shampoo and they comb their hair everyday. We all know that doesnt work or fix the issue.
I have a child of my own now and have just moved back the area where the girls are, thinking i can be apart of everything again but now im having trouble with what im doing around them because I dont want to be around them because of my daughter; she already got lice from them the last two times we saw them, and I know how to deal with it thank god but I dont want to keep having to make three year old go though this every time she sees her aunt who she loves too.
Ugh I really need help moms!!! What would you do if it was you?

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    Won't the dad listen to you or allow you to treat it properly? Is there someone else who can get through to him if he won't listen to reason from you?
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      Debi, I have thought of that, but the issue with that is that the school knows, and the one girl is in elementary still and the other kids have it in her class, plus their all on a cheer team, and they all know these girl have lice too. So I dont understand how two schools and a cheer team arent saying, hey they cant be here till its gone, because they did that when i went to school.
        He just says that if you put different stuff in their shampoo (like dog shampoo was one) that helps gets rid of it, and if you comb the hair. I know, I was kinda shocked too that there not doing anything or the cheer team, cause another child got it in the cheer team and they went straight to him about it. If I was the couch they would not be on my team till it was gone. I do, every time I see them I pick at their hair for the nits and try to get as many bugs as I can, but the girls are fighting me now about it too, and I understand but it need to be dealt with. Yeah, one of them now is have problems with her scalp, and it just breaks my heart
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