Nicu delivery lol Aka (Nicu - means Newborn intisive care unit

I had my son at Freeman West 1 hour from were i live and when i got there they told me that i had to deliever him then and there and i was only at a 2 dial. or i would die or i could try to live and struggle for 1 more week ,long story short tho he lived and so did i lol and he was in the nicu for 3 1/2 weeks

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    Thanks Guys and it was very scary wen they took my son and put him in the baby nursery and 10 min. later they said he needed oxygen asap and so that's how he ended up in the nicu. Meg. Freeman is okay Ig I really in my option didn't care for them I didn't even get to hold my son tell 2 weeks later.
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