Relief, Exhaustion, Tired...... happy :)

It all started on April 8, 2014 after the yearly visit to my obgyn, a trans-vaginal ultrasound, and 3 different sets of x-rays, the doctor finally discovered that the IUD Mirena had been expelled from my body and was possibly the cause of my menstrual cycle haven been returning since November 2013 every month. Now the obgyn has prescribed me a prenatal vitamin to take daily. The only thing to do now is to get practicing on making sure the next monthly cycle doesn't arrive in a few weeks. The technician that performed the ultrasound stated that my uterine lining was in prime time for ovulation and conception. Yeah me! Can't wait to see if God will bless me with another child, and the gift of knowing around my birthday!

    Great news! I am very happy to hear the IUD was expelled on it's own and caused no damage.

    Good luck trying to conceive!!
      Congrats... does the IUD usually expell itself?
        thank you everyone! I was so scared that it was up inside my body doing damage and that I needed to have surgery to have it removed..... the BIG thing that dumbfounds me is that we have been having sexual intercourse unprotected since I began menstruating and even before that since I had the IUD changed out in August 2012 the doctor just assumed that was what caused my periods to begin again after such a long time. Idk, anymore but I do know that I want another child and this relieves all of my worries about that now ! From what I understand the IUD does NOT normally expell itself but has been none to do just that, and apparently did in my case!
          thank you everyone, I will definitely keep everyone updated!
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