Long, Long Drive!

Our planned move from Florida to Virginia was originally only going to be a 12-14 hour drive...now we're stopping back in Missouri to pick up some leftover belongings and say Hi to the Grandparents for a day!

Helllllllloooo 25+ hour drive!
Kill me now.

Anyone else traveling soon?

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    We're leaving on May 2nd, early, early in the morning to get to my MIL's house before it's too late in the day, lol...we'll be at our new apartment by the 5th! Gonna spend the 1st packing, the 2nd driving the first 13ish hours, the 3rd socializing with a friend we left behind and the grandparents, and then the 4th driving the other 13ish hours, and then get there early on the 5th >.<
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        That is a long trip! ... But you will have a sweet ending! I know you can get through it! Remember we are always here for support! Have a great move!
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