Comfort and Safety and Fun

Just a little bit of sharing...

Whenever Trevor's home, he makes sure to take a little time to play with Nina. He's gone most of the day, and his job is uber stressful, so he likes his Me Time, but he also makes sure to get some Daddy-Daughter time.

The funny thing is, when they play, they like to chase each other. He makes silly huffy noises like an animal and stalks around on all fours, and she shrieks and smiles and runs away a few feet before looking back and waiting for him to chase her and then it all starts again. She always runs back to me and, depending if I'm at my desk or on the floor, will either lean up against me, climb up onto my lap, or drape herself across my back/legs/whatever-part-of-me-is-flattest-atm for a little break and "Safe Time" where daddy isn't allowed to chase her again until she leaves me and they start up again.

He is the fun one.
I play with Nina, too, all the time and she loves it, but she knows that Daddy is the sillier of us, probably since he plays for shorter amounts of time. Daddy likes to dance with her, and carry her around really fast as they pretend to run away from Mommy/to Mommy while making crazy faces and noises and then zooming up close to my face where I say "Boo!" and then they run again. Nina and I play outside, or with her toys, or our own version of Chase whenever I'm on the floor, where I hide my face in my arms when she isnt looking, and when she notices, she gets crazy-faced and charges at me, squealing the entire time, until she gets up close and I pop back out with a silly face and say "Boo!" or "Rawr!" and she shrieks and crawls back a few feet while I hide again and then repeat until she decides its time to tackle the mommy and "win".

I am the comfortable one, the safe one. I am the one who heals the hurts and makes the sad go away.
Whenever she's tired, or upset, or hungry, or has bonked herself or fallen onto her butt, it's me she comes to, even if it was while she was playing with her Daddy. She comes over and just sits and leans against my leg, or drapes herself across me, or stands up and says "Upbbah" (We always say "Up!" whenever we pick her up, so I assume that's what she's trying to say because she very obviously wants to be picked up) so I scoop her up and hug her til whatever is wrong is right again. Even if something happens when Trevor has her, he brings her to me because she starts fussing and looking around for me and if she sees me, starts trying to wiggle out of him carrying her to get to me.

    You sound like a fun family! Keep up the greatness!
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