Stranger Anxiety in Infants.

When does Stranger Anxiety first appear in Infants? Autumn is five months old and had her first Stranger Anxiety this Easter Sunday, when we had friends and their daughter over for dinner. At first she was okay with all of them holding her and playing with her, but within 10 mins she realized that she didn't recognize them and started to look around for me or her daddy. I was right next to her and called her name to calm her. When she saw that I was near, she continued to play.

Have new people around your baby approach slowly.
Frequently introduce your friends and family and new people.
Smile when you are talking to someone your baby doesn't recognize, because babies sense what you are feeling and mimic your actions.

Remember that Stranger Anxiety is a normal part of child development and taking a few steps to ease their anxiety will help them feel more secure around new faces.

    Melissa Middleton
    My son is very social and not shy at all. He especially likes the ladies; he will smile and chat with him (in his own adorable babble). I think it is sweet. However, I worry he will continue this when he gets older.

    When does a child's stranger anxiety appear? 5 months? Or whenever?
      My daugther would get upset when someone came up to her too fast and too loud, even with people that she had been around before. We tell people to slowly approach her and don't be too loud and it works get!

      The infant teacher at daycare told us that when they had a tour group in last week, Kaitlyn noticed all the new people and started looking around for a familiar face. Once she saw the infant teacher and the other assistant, she went back to playing with her toys. So we know she has some stranger anxiety, though if she sees a familiar face close by, she is ok!
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