Breast feeding moms

Was or is your baby very attached to you, any tips for helping him independesize himself a bit?

    Avery was very clingy. My grandmother (who didn't breastfeed) always says that we're much closer then she was with her babies. She thinks we communicate telepathically or something, lol.

    Avery had terrible stranger anxiety from about 2 months on. It finally started getting better a month or two ago. Learning to sit up was good because she could see me even if I wasn't right next to her. Crawling was the biggest leap though. Now that she can crawl she will play on her own for hours at a time. If I go too far out of sight she gets upset, but I think that's just how babies are.

    I would practice going out of sight so they know you'll come back. Leave their field of vision and return as soon as they cry - even if it's only been a second. Then leave again. Keep doing it and eventually they'll go longer without crying because they learn to trust that you will come back. It's kind of a game :)

    I still wouldn't expect too much progress until they're older though. Babies have a hard time letting go of their moms :)
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