Remembering to eat!

I find way too often now that I'm a mom I barely feed myself. I am always too concerned with what my daughter is going to eat, or what I need to get done to sit down and eat myself, or she needs me so much during lunch or screams etc, I'd rather not sit down and eat bc I won't really get to enjoy my meal.

How do you Mommas cope with meal time so that the children AND you get fed? Or should I just kiss a hot regular meal goodbye?

    I rarely eat my food hot. I'm lucky if it's warm. But I make a point of being sure I eat too because otherwise things get ugly fast. Mommy needs to eat too!!!
      I eat while she's nursing or I feed her solids while I eat too.
        Oh I am the same way. I make my cup of coffee in the morning then it will be like noon and I realize that I haven't ate breakfast so I will make my lunch but my son has the worst timing he always wakes up when my food is just ready to eat. At dinner time I will make this nice dinner while he is taking his last nap or while he is hanging out in his bouncer or jumperoo and as soon as dinner is ready he will want his mommy. My husband is like eat then I will but my son wants me so my dinners are almost always cold and usually eaten like 45 mins after its made.I guess its something I am use to now that it doesn't really bother me anymore.
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