Being a teen mom

I'm still a teenager but also a mom so I have changed a lot! When I was In high school I had friends in almost every group cause I came from a small town everyone knew each other I wasn't much for going out to party like some of my friends I wouldn't mind to sneak a few drinks with just a few of my friends. I was a cheerleader all the way till my senior year when I found out I was going to have a baby. Then I had to go to a alternative school to try to change my life for me and the baby into my senior year I only had 30 credits and you had to have 53 to graduate no one thought I was going to graduate before the baby and now that I was pregnant no one had hope but my mom and grandma. Well I worked my butt of for my son I got a job at Mcdonalds and worked every day after school and never spent a penny on myself saved all my money for my son. I ended up graduating 3 months before school was over I proved everyone wrong you could be pregnant and have a baby in high school and still graduate. I worked at Mcdonalds till 2 weeks before I had my son and all my savings I had a little over 1000 and all that money went to my baby. And being a teen mom is the best if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have graduated high school he changed my life! Now I'm married to my sons farther and we have our own house and I'm able to stay home with my son!

Being a teen mom
    Way to go!! It sounds like you have worked hard to get where you are!
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