The Witching Hour!

Now that my kids are older, that time between dinner and bath isn't as bad.. it used to be rough.. too early to eat but too late to go out and play, but My kids handle it now and occupy themselves and play downstairs..

It's ME now.. the witching hour is awful.. the time when we get home around 4 .. to the time when I begin dinner.. and start homework.. that weird hour to 2 hours.. not enough time or free time to get into something, but too much to do nothing?

And if I sit down.. I get tired .. really tired and it's tough to rally..

    We have that problem too! Daddy gets home at 4, I usually start dinner around 5:30. It's that time between where there's no mandatory tasks but not quite enough time to do a full out activity that we run into problems. Like you, it's worse for me than the kids because they can play with toys and be happy to put them away as soon as I call
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