Yes. Any dog can be safe around the baby. My moms dog jade, LOVES Kai always has. If the dog is aggressive or food aggressive, I'd say no. You can't take chances like that when you have a baby. Sometimes you have to give up the dog or put them in training.

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      You really just have to know the dog. Regardless of the breed. Personally I wouldn't choose to have a pitbull, or some of the other more aggressive breeds in the house, but if you raise them from a puppy or know their entire history, it's much less likely the situation would go badly. That said - even our small cocker spaniel isn't left alone with the kids. She is SUPER protective of them and I don't think she would ever do anything to harm them... in fact she nips at the backs of my legs if I don't get to a crying kid as quickly as she would like... but she is still a dog and will bite if provoked or the situation is right.
        As most comments suggest, it really does vary by individual dog, not the breed. I've had several dogs in my experience with my mother's dog rescue and have had dogs of all breeds that do better in homes without small children, whether it was because of an individual personality trait or a history that left them skittish. I will point out that "pit bulls" get an average in the 90s on the temperament tests - that's better than golden retrievers and labs. So it really does boil down to good pet ownership and understanding your role as a parent to both children and a dog.
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