how old before they play outside alone?

My husband and I were wondering if it was okay to leave our almost eight year old outside by himself to play. We live in the country away from the road. I know at his age I was outside but now it is so different.

    I think it probably depends on the child. I know I let my two older kids play outside in our fenced in backyard alone - though I'm just inside and can see them the entire time. If your son knows his boundaries and usually follows direction well, I would probably let him play outside but would first get him a watch or a timer or something and make him check in regularly.
      I think it would depend more on the individual child, than the age. I have friends with kids that probably shouldn't be outside alone even when they're teenagers. haha.

      We also live out in the country, our land is far off of the highway but there are still dangers, like the river runoff, snakes, foxes, etc. So Charlie will have to learn pretty quickly about those dangers. Personally I won't feel comfortable with him alone out there for a very long time.
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