Baby Doctors?!?!?!?

What do you do if you do not like your ob or his nurses. I have only met him once. Besides that it is always a nurse. And she is always rude to me.

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      I would consider switching doctors. You may not want to because at least you "know" this doctor some and you know what you do and don't like... this late in the game it might be difficult to find a new OB and get to know them before it's time to deliver - but the decision between the unknown and a doctor you know you don't like is one you have to make yourself. If you don't switch, I would start interviewing OBs and find someone you do like and feel comfortable with before you get pregnant again.
        I'm surprised you've only seen your doctor once. I think I might have only seen the midwife once due to a last minute appointment, otherwise I always saw my doctor. And honestly if I only ever saw the nurse I probably would switch. But if you are close to delivering is it really worth it? Remember just because you are going to see this doctor for your visit does not necessarily mean that doctor will the one in the delivery room, and his/her nurse defiantly won't be. Just something to think about.
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