Weaning from a pacifier

I was very lucky in that none of my 3 took to a pacifier (I was their pacifier!). I have heard great things about cutting small holes in the tip of a pacifier. It removes the suction and makes it much less enjoyable for a child to suck on. One of my good friends had the pacifier fairy come one night and left a small stuffed animal for her son to hold. Another friend had her toddler pack up all the pacifiers and they brought them to Hayden when she was born (the timing has to be good for that option though!)

How did you wean your little one from a pacifier?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    8Theresa Gould
    We barely used pacifiers but had to wean two from thumb sucking. It took one longer than the other, but the younger one only needed the promise of a "hot dog party" and covering her hands with socks for a few nights and in less than a week, I think, she was done with her thumb.
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