The past few weeks have been hard to deal with things

we went to the 16 wk. prenatal visit back the on 1st, they couldn't find the babys heartbeat. We didnt expect it to happen again, (I lost the first baby back in Oct. the baby was only 7weeks developed then.) We thought it'd be different this time back during the 12wk visit everything looked really good and the baby had a good strong heartbeat. We had several questions which hopefully we'll be able to find out the answers soon. I was scheduled for a DNC but the meds they gave me the day before sent me into labor and everything happened at home, I was really scared and felt so many emotions. And now I'm still highly emotional and the slightist thing sets me off and I'm crying and I dont know why.... I know this is something you dont ever get over, that somehow you get through I just dont know how yet. I wasnt even sure if i should post anything but I have alot on my mind and need to let it out

    It's good to get it out. After my miscarriages I started writing in a journal every time I felt sad. I felt sad all the time so I wrote ALOT. It helped keep the sadness at bay enough so I could function.

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. My miscarriages were earlier but I did both of them at home as well. It's very scary.

    Know that you can always vent here and we'll all be hear for you. Message me anytime if you'd like to talk. HUGS!
      8Theresa Gould
      So sorry for your loss. Brande is correct. I did go through something similar nearly ten years ago with our son Matthew. I went in for a routine check up at 18 weeks expecting to hear baby's heart beat and the doctor couldn't find one. An ultrasound confirmed Matthew was gone. Apparently since about week 14, just after my previous appt. Matthew was my second loss and I went on to have four more miscarriages.

      What you are feeling with the ups and downs, the bouts of crying is normal. It's called grief and there is not right or wrong way to grieve. It's not convenient or fun but it is best to let it take it's course. Channeling it into something positive often helps grieving mothers whether it's donating to a charity to do some good in the name of your baby or making things for babies who are lost - it's hard to dress up a baby lost in miscarriage because they are so tiny. Find what brings light to your grief and do it. Doing good for others often makes us feel good in the process. Hugs!
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