Sunscreen and bug repellent

Summer will be here before we know it and we all need to protect ourselves and our children from harmful UV rays.

What kind of sunscreen do you use for your children? Are you worried about what kind you use for fear of chemicals?

While we are on this topic what about bug repellent? Do you worry about the chemical exposure? Do you have any natural bug repellent?

    I actually just wrote about sunscreen yesterday! I was getting totally mixed signals about whether to use sunscreen everyday or too avoid it because of harsh chemicals. It seems like most people use it and don't have a problem though so I will too.

    Apparently Johnson's creamy baby oil makes a great mosquito repellent without all the harsh chemicals. It has something to do with using citronella oil in the formula.
      8Theresa Gould
      We try to use essential oils for bug repellent, even on our animals.

      Sunscreen? We use rash guard shirts and occasionally a chemical free sunscreen. I'm not worried about the UV rays. I think it's more hype than anything and I also think many skincare products are actually the cause of skin cancer not the sun.
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