First Aid Kit

Do you keep a First Aid Kit in your house? Why or why not? What's in it?
We have one. I keep it in the bathroom, since the other medicines are in there, too. We also have one in the trunk of the car.

What's in there?

~Emergency Family Phone Numbers
~Tow Truck Service Phone Numbers
~Mini Flash Light + Batteries
~Band-aids of various shapes and sizes
~Stretchy Cloth Wrap
~Cloth Tape
~Absorbent Cloth Pads
~Non-Stick Gauze Pads of various sizes
~A Pair of Soft, Plastic Gloves
~Neosporin Antibiotic Pain Relief
~Tylenol Extra Strength
~Small Oral Thermometer
~Small bottle of Day/NyQuil
~Water Bottle (for either drinking or rinsing wounds)
~Strips of Cardboard to act as a mini-splint
~Alcohol Wipes/Baby Wipes
~A couple Q-Tips
~Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
~A Couple Safety Pins
~Bug Repellant
~Instant Cold/Hot Pack

I also keep an extra blanket in the trunk of the car. We have blankets already in the apartment.

What do you think should be in a first aid kit?

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    I've been danger-prone for a long, long time, lol! I've had to treat my own injuries for quite some time...just a couple months ago, I accidentally stabbed myself in the webbing between pointer and thumb on my left hand and it went an inch into my hand...was trying to cut open a summer sausage's plastic wrapping. So we need a first aid kit thats well stocked xD
      You are very prepared!

      I grew up in CA so we always had a first aid kit and emergency supplies in case of an earthquake.

      Now I have a first aid kit, similar to yours, but mine has a lot more medical equipment in it for my special needs daughter.
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