Based on personality...

What do you think your kids would be when they grow up? This is just a funny, silly way to look at the future.

For Bub, something having to do with either outer space or weather. He's fascinated by both so I could see him doing something in that field. HE says he wants to be a doctor that cures cancer because that would make him a hero. I think that's pretty cool!

Mini says she either wants to go into the military or do something in fashion. I personally see her as doing something artsy, maybe working in a museum or acting in plays. I could really see her acting in plays but she shows no interest. Sigh.

So, based on your children's interests and strengths, what do you see them doing for a career?

    Awesome questions.. and it's changed,, but today I'll go with my son to be an internet wizard guy or game creator or App creator.. next Facebook guy.. OR he will live in my basement and I'l bring him chicken.

    My daughter.. geez.. a performer of some sort.. but she can't sing.. Like.. at all.. yet.. We are NOT singers.. But maybe advertising.. she connects and gets along with everyone and is fair to include everyone.. Dunno.. she's a mystery :) - She won't be living in my basement .. I may beg her to stay after 18.. lol
      Oh goodness given Tristen's size, love of tackling everyone, licking things, and just all around brute ways he will have to be football of those quarter backs that lick their hands before they get into formation. (Uhm...I love football btw) lol
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