It's that time of year again: allergies and sinus congestion

I don't know about your kiddos, but poor Mini has been miserable with a congested nose. She has a prescription for Flonase which helps with the inflammation in her nostrils caused by congestion. On top of that we have a neti pot, but she does not like to use it. However, if you can get your child to use it this can be very helpful.

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    Aw.. this is the worst in a long time for allergies.. I work for a local allergist and he has been talking all about the "pollen vortex..", basically, tree pollen typically starts first and in early March.. but with all the snow and everything staying SO cold for SO long.. the trees basically kept it to themselves.. until NOW :) So now we are all dealing with mass pollen being projected in a much shorter amount of time.. achoo!
      We use the flonase ...eye drops and claratin for my son ... he gets really bad!
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