late walking

My son hasn't started walking yet. He doesn't like walking assisted. He has great fine motor skills. He can work Velcro, a zipper, put a straw in a hole, but I am worried. How can I encourage him to walk?

    my sister's son started to walk at age 18 months. Try some exercises:
    1.When your child is standing supported at the couch or coffee table, place a toy at his knee level and encourage him to squat down to get the toy. Repeat 10-12 times
    2.Use a motivator, such as a puff , small snack, or favorite toy to motivate your son to walk to you. Stand just a few feet away from him on a carpeted surface so that he has plenty of support and traction.
      One year and two months?? 14 months?

      Is there something else worrying you?? Some other milestone he hasn't reached yet? Talking? How big is he?

      I was worried too.. all my friends kids.. ALL of them.. were running circles around my lazy sitting babies... then off the went and never sat still again..

      Is he standing? can he see well? Show him something and see if he recognizes it.. my kids hated their walkers too..
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