Bare Minimum Mom Today..

SO much happening with m work right now.. all very stressful and I can barely breathe.. it's potentially all great but it's rough right now.. with getting it all settled.. And I'm just in a mood, focused, stressed, worried, excited, nervous and was that mom at pick up today on the phone..

My mind is stuck on it all.. I told my kids.. "a lot going on and i'm sorry for being not fun mom tonight" .. and I think once I acknowledged it.. I felt better.. I'm entitled to my days too..

I'm present with them, but honestly.. am doing bare minimum on the ol happy with their drawing and hearing their stories, etc.. I'm sweet and nice and cuddly, but so distracted.. and I hate it, but this is today..

and my kids are being amazing.. they understand.. they can see it and I'm usually all up in there bidness ... so I feel okay about it.. I mean, still guilty cause i'm a mom..

Just need this work thing to settle and it's a huge deal for me.. huge.. life changing possibly for all of us.. so.. I can't shake it..

Prayers please that everything works out the way it needs to.. thank you!

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