Grateful for all of you today!!

it's nice to be here tonight.. more than usual.. I feel like a few of you that comment with me back n forth (you know who you are).. that we may not be "friends".. but are.. and I feel strongly there is a genuine good will towards one another..

I can't be totally blatant and honest with the details of everything that happens in my life and work.. (this IS the internet and nothing is between just us).. and I wish some days I could.. like today.. but just getting on telling you that my work is really stressful and super life changing important to me right now.. and can go either way.. is enough for everyone to wish me well..

I live in LA.. I'm a writer in "hollywood".. I'm of strong faith and work in a business that seems Godless a lot.. so it's tough.. morals are questionable here in this business..

So, thank you all very much.. for encouraging me and reminding me no matter what, we are all the same and none of us are alone if we choose NOT to be..


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      It is great to have you here! Love hearing all of your activities!
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