My son spends literally 30 minutes on the toilet.. naked..

Such a guy,, My daughter is like me.. in and out/can't be bothered..

My son.. I will send him to his bath and hear him singing or making sounds or doing his mine craft parody songs, and 20 minutes will go by and I'll go check on him and he's STILL pooping..

And ever since he was little, he would have to get totally naked to poop.. no matter what time of day.. naked.. to poop..

he's like his dad, that would have his time in there.. for an hour..
But he's 9!!!

Good lord.. as I write this, guess where he is? Guess where his clothes are? yep, in the hallway next to the bathroom, tub empty, door opened a crack.. I see bare skin and him singing.. He's so happy though .. lol

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