At home birth

So I am expecting with baby #2. I am due Oct. 18. And I have decided to go through a midwife this time and do an at home birth. I am so excited....but not gonna lie I have my nervous moments! I plan on doing hypnobirthing! Have any of you ladies had the privilege to deliver at home? How was it?

My first birth with my son, Zeke who is 9 months was at the hospital and had an epidural but it wore off when I was pushing and could feel and walk right after so I know I can do it. I just honestly don't remember feeling pain now.

    Kudos to you because there's no way I could do it! I delivered in the hospital and I freaking loved it and my nurses/doctors were fantastic. I told my boyfriend I wanted an at home birth and he totally freaked out lol. I don't think I could do it though, my pain tolerance is very low haha.
    It's a scary thing to think about! Especially after going to the hospital the first time. But I really feel more comfortable at home and my birth at the hospital was definitely not ideal. My doctor was only there to catch the baby and not once checked up on me before or after labor. My nurse was a beast and I went half way through my labor without the epidural because they couldn't track down the anesthesiologist and then it ended up wearing off. So hopefully this time will be better for me and if not....I will find a way next time! But my midwife is lovely. I adore her!
      How exciting for you ... I am interested in home birth so would love to hear about your milestones and the birth!
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