Who does baby take after?

Everyone always asks this in the aspect of looks. Well, I want to know with actions! What does your baby DO that's like you or their dad or a relative??

Lucas loves to eat and eat and eat and he's not picky at all; that would be a daddy trait lol. He also loves to rock himself on his hands and knees; that's a mama trait! :)

    She looks just like me, she eats like her dad. I feel like as far as her personality, she's definitely got her own.
        Nina's as happy as I was as a child, but as much of a monster as my Husband was. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, like him, but can cute her way into things, like I've learned to do lol. She isn't picky at all yet, which is a definite daddy trait, since I'm Uber Picky.

        For looks, we're always told that she looks exactly like Trevor, but has my eye shape and thick, light-feeling hair. We're not sure if her hair will be curly or not, yet, like his family's side. It has it's wildly curly moments, but otherwise is just kinda wavy. Her eyes are blue-green, which is neither of us, but I'm hoping they turn Neon Green like my dad's.

        The other day, she flopped onto my pillow on the floor, rolled over while grabbing her bottle one-handed and smoothly bringing it to her mouth while ending in a comfy position facing the TV...Trevor just cracked up and said "That is the ultimate proof that she is my daughter."
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