..you need to try to stop it :)

Ah.. babies get sooo cozy in our arms, don't they? But at times, you do need to teach them to nap by themselves.. it's good for you both! I would suggest starting slow.. laying them NEXT to somewhere and helping them doze off.. but NOT holding them.. this will let them know you are close by.. but let them sleep without you.. I would also suggest laying them down once they are asleep.. what is ideal is laying them down to nap/sleep while they are sleepY, not sleepING.. there's a total difference, because if they are sleepY.. then they must soothe themselves.. if they are sleepING.. you have already done the hard work for them :) It totally takes time.. but it DOES take practice.. don't be scared to try it.. you can always go and scoop them up :)

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      It does take some control ... I loved to hold my first born all the time... it gets easier with the second and third because you need your arms more! LOL!
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