creepy crawlies in the house and at the door.

I don't mind bugs and other animals, but when I find Ants in my dogs food bowl, 2 ticks that crawled on me from the couch and bat poop on the porch from them living in between the wood work it freaks me out! I want to move from this little cabin soo badly but we don't have the extra money and the land lord doesn't seem to concerned about her tenants living situation. Granted I know it could be way worse. Does anyone know what I could do to get them to go away?

I hate using them not know if she will get curious. We keep things sealed and cleaned so I'm not sure how they find it, but I will be getting rid o them!
    OMG... I would go nuts! ... Have you tried ortho home defense? It helps with the bugs! You spray it around the perimeter and it helps keeps bugs out!
      Luke is supposed to talk with the land lord tonight. I'm sick of saying anything to her. I will try the backing soda and see what happens. The bats drive me cray because the crap on the front porch and the only way I can clean it up is with our vacume nozzle EWWWW!
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