Is it safe to microwave formula?

My answer is NO! I have heard and researched and personally, do not think it is safe at all. It can get too hot for baby or it can get hot unevenly. It could be warm in some areas of the bottle and have some super hot spots and burn baby's mouth. I always boiled some water and set the prepared bottle in there. Or I MIGHT microwave one ounce and mix it with the rest of the 5 oz that my son drinks. That was it's about lukewarm and I know there are no hot spots. Now, we prep all his waters at once and they get to room temp and then we mix in however much powder we need and shake it all up! :)

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    Well... bad mom of the year... yep I have done it and they survived! ... just be careful if you do it not to do it too long I only microed for like 10 seconds to take the chill of and then shook to disperse the cold/warm difference
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