..check with your doc first!

Most likely.. eye discharge in a newborn means a clogged tear duct! You always want to check with your doctor first to make sure.. a clogged tear duct will produce "gunk".. that can be white or even greenish at times.. but never having red in the eye along with it.. red in the eye could mean an eye infection of some sort.. so always best to check! The best thing to do for a clogged tear duct is to keep the eye clean by wiping with a warm wash cloth or a sterile cotton ball.. wipe from the inner eye outward.. then you also want to massage the area on the side of the nose, close to the inner eye wear the duct would be clogged.. eventually this should loosen and pop that duct open! Monroe had just that happen.. we massaged for a few days and wa la.. no more gunk.. open tear duct ;)

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    My children experienced these... luckily for us nothing a warm cloth could not handle!
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