Today was a mix of good and bad.

To start off, I woke up sick with...something. Dunno what. It involves majorly stuffy nose, sore/cloggy throat, headache, and coughs.

On top of that, for the past few weeks, something has been wrong with my eyes. I've always had what my husband calls "dirty eyes" when I get tired...meaning, they get dark brown shadows in the skin around my eyes and look dirty-brown, when I get tired. I can never hide when I'm tired from him, because he just has to look at my eyes to tell. Lately, though, the skin has become red-brown, dry/flaky, and achy. They're more sensitive to light, and my vision has gotten...worse? I don't know if that's what it is, but I have to focus harder to read things. I'm already near-sighted, and have glasses, but I'm afraid I may have to get new glasses or something. I've had these ones only since I was at the end of my senior year of high school (2010), so it hasn't been long. Today, my husband asked if I had hurt myself, because it now looks almost like I have 2 black eyes. Now he insists quite firmly that once we move, and get our insurance set up to move there, too, he's going to make me find a doctor and get my eyes checked out. I haven't been to a doctor other than my OBGYN or Nina's Pediatrician since...oh, god. Since I ended 8th Grade, I'm notoriously averse to going to a doctor about anything wrong with me. For Nina or Trevor, sure, I'll take them no problem. My own health? I'm a "Wait and see if it gets better" type of person lol. So there's that.

On the brighter side, Trevor's passed all of his Final Tests so far, he graduates next week from C School, he got his new Dress Whites, we move next Friday, Nina's 1 Year Old Check-up is on Thursday...

I made Hot Rice for him, and good god the leftovers! He even ate 3 bowls of it and there's still a ton left, lol!

Sad Sidenote: I got Nina her first pair of shoes today. She's gone barefoot or sock-feet up until now, but she's getting closer and closer to walking on her own, not just cruising, so I got her some sandal-ish-shoes for when we go outside.

All in all, it could have been a better day, but it could have been worse, too!

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