My favorite aspect of yoga

Oh man, I could use some yoga right about now, haha. I love how relaxing it is and how it makes me feel afterward.

Especially since I sit in a chair most the day, or at least bent over a laptop most of the day working, being able to stretch out all my muscles and get my joints moving around and relaxed... Ah, it's heavenly.

Also, I really try to stay calm and centered and mindful.. Sometimes that's really hard and I don't always succeed... But yoga helps with that.

Not only when I'm actually doing the yoga, which the focus on the breath makes me feel great at the time... But when I do yoga regularly, I tend to breathe more deeply throughout my regular day which helps keep stress at bay.

Plus when it stays in the forefront of my mind, I remember to breathe more when I'm upset which helps so so much.

It also helps me with meditation and surprisingly (or maybe not) digestion.
If I take a yoga class, that's also a great way to meet new friends who I have at least one thing in common with! :)

I usually use YouTube videos, but I'd like to try an app.

Oh, and I really really want to try Bikram yoga! My friend tolde about it and I've wanted to ever since. If you donno what it is, it's "hot yoga"

They basically put you in a crazy hot room for it and you sweat so much its supposed to be like a super detox.

Being too hot makes me really angry for some reason ( does this happen to anyone else?) so I think if I could learn to relax and breathe in the sweltering hot, I'd feel more confident to handle myself in life's other stressful situations.

Plus I think being warm makes your muscles more flexible.

What's your favorite part of yoga?
Have you tried bikram) yoga? Is it all its cracked up to be?

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    Honestly I have never really done full out Yoga... I have tried a few stretches and a pose or two ...but it seems daunting for this plus sized mama!
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