I didn't keep my maiden name

I didn't keep my maiden name when I got married. To me, taking my husband's name just comes with the territory, so I became an Owens.

My maiden name already didn't fit on my bank card, do hyphenating would have been insane, lol. I went from 24 letters to 21.

Plus, for me, marriage is for life... No matter how rough it gets, my husband decided before we were married that divorce isn't an option. Period. Even if were suffering, we would suffer together lol. I don't like how especially people who get married as young as we did (I was 18) and military families too, have that cliche of throwaway marriages. I don't want that.

When I married my husband, I consider that becoming family. I've always thought it was strange when families have different last names. I'm sure there are reasons, but I don't have any of them.

My mother in law has a different last name from my husband and it took me ages to remember that.

When we have kids, I definitely don't want to worry about choosing one or the others name. We are a unit and I want our name to signify that.

I will say though that even though I don't know some of my family, unless my uncle marries a girl and has kids, I was the last with my last name. I feel kind of bad for breaking that chain since I imagine it was a long one... But what can I do?

I really hope my uncle has a son because I feel like my name and my family are rich in history, even if I don't know all of it. I don't want it to just go away... Maybe I've got some more distant relatives who I don't know who are close enough to still carry the mountain traditions and the namesake.

What about you ladies?
Did you/will you take your husband's last name?

Also, if you got divorced, did you switch your name back to your maiden name?

    I absolutely will take his last name, I agree with all of these points you made. Including the divorce thing. We decided before we got engaged that this would be forever. So I would keep his last name for sure.
      I took my husband's last name, as I already said in a post before. We've also agreed it's all the way, no divorce, no matter how bad it ever gets. Luckily, we've not had any problems yet! I know when Trevor joined the Navy, they did an extensive background check on our relationship, because a lot of young people marry in the military purely for benefits, and not for an actual relationship. Some guys I've heard of marry people they've only known for days!

      My mom is divorced, though, she kept her married name when she left my dad, but replaced it with my stepdad's last name. She went from Skorich (Maiden) to Laughlin (First Marriage) to Fierce (Current Marriage)...that always bugged me, especially when she bugged me about not keeping my name or hyphenating it. "Laughlin" just wasn't me anymore.
        I took my hubbys last name and proudly!
          Melissa Middleton
          I took my husband's last name because I am old-fashioned and traditional when it comes to things like this. I am a Christian, and I believe God meant marriage to be for life (minus the case of cheating and abuse). When I took my vows, I meant every word. I carry his last name and so does my son, and our future children will as well. I do this because we were two separate souls before we were wed. but now we are one. We are a whole. There is this song that I like, part of the song is:

          Love is not a place
          To come and go as we please
          It's a house we answer in
          Then commit to never leave

          So lock the door behind you
          Throw away the key
          We'll work it out together
          Let it bring us to our knees

          Love is a shelter in a raging storm
          Love is peace in the middle of a war
          And if we try to leave
          May God send angels to guard the door
          No, love is not a fight
          But it's something worth fighting for

          To some love is a word
          That they can fall into
          But when they're falling out
          Keeping that word is hard to do

          ~ Warren Barfield - Love Is Not A Fight
            9Michelle Fritch
            I took his last name.
              When I got married the first time, I went by cultural tradition and changed my middle name to my maiden name and then my married name as my last name. It got changed back to my name on my birth certificate after our cordial divorce.

              I'm thinking of hyphenating my last name with Erik's last name. As this will be both our 2nd marriage, we're being really careful about making things legal. He's also said it'd be easier to drop his name if we didn't work out. I agree.
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