Terrible lower back pain :(

Woke up last night with terrible back pain ( woken up at 12am and then 3 am)! My lower back is so achy and feels like it does before I get my period. The dull cramping wraps around my uterus and pelvic area (where I feel the most pain when I'm on my period). Sometimes I have to stop and breathe through them. They won't go away when I stand up or walk. I took a shower and it helped a little. The pain eased up after that so I got to go back to sleep but then it returned with a vengance when I woke up this morning! Ughhhh lol 8 more days until my due date! I will let you ladies know if I get admitted to Labor and Delivery! Can't wait to hold my baby in my arms! Have a great day mommies! <3

    Sounds like early labor to me!!!

    Take a bath to try and relieve the pain. Have your spouse give you a massage. Try getting on all fours and doing some pelvic tilts.

    Good luck and keep us updated!
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