rough night

walked around til 10:30 trying to put him to sleep.
then took over an hour to put him to sleep at 2am because of nightmares i am assuming which is only logical after what happened to him.
and now both my boys are still fast asleep in mommy's bed XD
and of course mommy cant sleep past 8:30 sooooo
i get to be tired and enjoy their faces :)

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    me too. i opted to stay at garys one more night because of kado being hurt yesterday and wanted to be with his daddy. so im going home today.
    yesterday we went to see captain america! but kado refused to sit still. which is the first time EVER he has decided to do that at the movies so gary and i took turns missing the movie. we had gotten DBOX seating where our chair moves and vibrates with the action :)
    but the ticket teller guy saw that we didnt really get to see the movie so he gave us free tickets to see another movie whenever we want :)
    maybe we will try again today LOL
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