Confession Time - Baby Books

When I pregnant with my first baby I bought a baby book to document his birth and infancy. I was pretty diligent about keeping it filled out during my pregnancy and in the first few weeks of his life. Then it all changed, I had no time or energy to keep the book filled out. I started making notes of all his milestones on scratch paper and sticking them in his book so I could fill it out later.

For my other children I bought baby books as well. Sadly two of them have never even been written in and are still in their original wrappers. I keep telling myself that one day I will have time to sit down and fill them all out. I would like to be able to give them to my children when they are going to be parents.

I have my baby book that my mom kept. I was the first child so my baby book was well put together and completely filled out. My other siblings don't have baby books.

I feel really guilty about the fact that I don't have their book filled out.

So what about you?

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I do have a keepsake box for each of the kids. It has their bassinet card, umbilical cord clamp, ultrasound photos, and a variety of medical stuff from the NICU.
    We have a very basic one for our daugther, so it makes it easy to fill out. Daycare prints pictures for us, so I take those and put them in her book when we get ones we really like. We also created an email account for her so we send her emails, pictures and videos that someday we will give her password so she can see it all!
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